After many years of suffering with anxiety and PTSD I was beginning to think there was no way to successfully treat my issues. Having tried everything I could think of (including multiple anti-anxiety drugs, herbal medicines, NHS counselling and Cognitive behaviour therapy) I was finally at a point where I was completely disillusioned by the mental health treatment options.

Andrew had just completed his training, and offered to help me get to the bottom of my mental issues.

I was cynical to say the least, but with Andrew's help I started to see where my problems were coming from, and I began to feel different in myself. My confidence grew, and my anxiety levels finally started to drop.

I am still working with Andrew on the issues I have left to release, but the improvement, for me, has been remarkable. My mental health is now much improved; I am going out much more and starting to enjoy life again.

E.E.P. - Aberdeenshire

Since working with Andrew and the Emerald Heart, I have had noticed a number of positive changes. I have had problems sleeping for years. Since taking the drops I have been calmer, steadier and less stressed and fearful, despite having a number of ongoing problems in my life. I am now sleeping much better, and have had some nights with 8 hours of good sleep.

A great improvement!

A.L. Rudd - Gloucestershire

I had an issue that was starting to really affect my everyday experience of life. I do a lot of healing work on myself, but just couldn't see the cause of this issue. I spoke to Andrew and he was quickly able to pinpoint where the problem lay and help me release it.

I'm no longer troubled with this problem, and my life is much better as a result. I would definitely recommend speaking to Andrew if you have any issue that you need help with.

L. Bromley - Nottingham

I wasn't sure what to expect but Andrew made me feel at ease. I felt understood, accepted and able to share with Andrew the challenges I was facing. It's hard for me to describe what our work together did, but I do know that things have shifted, my life feels less stuck and I have more hope for a happy future.

Ms. Lamb - Yorkshire

My whole outlook on life has changed for the better since working with Andrew and the Emerald Heart.

N.R.L. - Nottingham

‘The Emerald Heart’ has been a great help in my case. 

The reason of my success today is because I contacted Andrew and we decided to start my healing process immediately after my first consultation. 

After talking to him and discussing the issues in my life, I began to see how I really viewed myself and became aware of what tools I needed to bring peace of mind and feel empowered in my personality.

The stuff that was blocking my way has been shifted, and I am able to pursue my education, my personal relationship with God and myself, as well as work. 

In addition, I am interested to engage in a romantic relationship as I have been alone for 15 years now. 

It definitely has helped me in more than one way. 

R Khulud - Nottingham