About Me

People have been drawn to me for many years for insight, clarity, and help with their lives. 

I am naturally intuitive and empathetic, and have always had the  ability to read people, so my journey toward working as an Emerald  Heart Practitioner really started in the 80s.

As a young child, and through my teens, I had many spiritual  experiences and visions which I didn't really understand, and certainly didn't consider were all part of the same amazing journey.

By my mid-twenties I had a real need to make sense of my life  and the information I was being given from apparently "outside sources",  and began actively seeking some answers to my questions. 

I had many more eventful experiences, and while some were  extremely beautiful and uplifting, others were dark and terrifying, but  all were amazing and intrigued me further.

Through my thirties and forties I have developed a deeper understanding of life, by focussing on self-awareness and progressing  myself both personally and spiritually. 

This involves working with the light to face deep fears, shed  old issues and patterns that hinder my progress, and face new personal  challenges.

To achieve this I have learned from great teachers and healers, read widely, used past life regression, learned how to work with energy and energy fields, attended spiritual workshops and courses, worked with various forms of counselling, and been a client to the Emerald Heart (firstly with David Ashworth - Original  Channel of the Emerald Heart, and later Tim Dyson - Emerald Heart Elder) which transformed me greatly.

In September of 2013 I was asked to join the Emerald Heart as a  Practitioner, and after completing my training I was enrolled in March 2014.