What Can The Emerald Heart Do For You?

We all need some help from time to time. Life is an amazing, wonderful journey, but can also be confusing, overwhelming, and extremely challenging.

You may wake up one day and know you need to change something in your life, but what?

You may ask yourself, "How on Earth did I get into this situation, and how can I resolve it?"

You may feel that your life has become 'stuck', or running the same patterns over and over.

There are of course many, many reasons why you may feel you need a helping hand. 

This is when we need to reach out to those who have a greater experience of the spiritual path.

The Emerald Heart offers practical solutions to help you overcome your daily challenges, and grow from them with greater understanding and clarity. It helps you to see yourself and your predicament differently and more completely, through illuminating your heart.

One simple step at a time is how you begin to transform both your consciousness and understanding. It is easy to see the changes within yourself, as you look back after working with the Light. In my own experience, I felt unfulfilled with my life and the direction it was taking, but had no idea how to address it or redirect it. I wanted to change things, but I felt like I was in a fog. The Emerald Heart addressed this, and put me on the path I am on today.

What Is The Emerald Heart?

The Emerald Heart Light is a unique and powerful tool that unlocks and opens your heart, and therefore your sub-conscious awareness. This helps you to see the truth of your life. It also highlights and helps you to move through any external issues you may be experiencing that are holding you back from inner growth. As The Emerald Heart helps you to learn, grow and develop through the release of limiting issues, beliefs, fears, energy patterning, self sabotage, and social programming etc, you will begin to understand the hidden side of the ego-self, which fights hard to prevent your transformation. 

You will learn how you inadvertently prevent yourself from accessing your true potential in life, and what separates you from the One-ness that we are all a part of and connected to - 

the path that we are all on towards unity.

How Does It Work?

The Light of the Emerald Heart enables the Practitioner to look deep into your heart, where all limitations and truths are held. As the Light illuminates your inner being, your own Higher Self will show the Practitioner what needs to change. 

There is only ever one single issue at any one time which prevents your consciousness evolving to the next level. The Guidance calls this target issue, ‘The Prime Limiting Factor’ to your evolution. By using High Vibrational Liquid Light essences to dissolve the difficult energies of The Prime Limiting Factor, you immediately feel the shift in consciousness that allows you to grow and evolve. Quite simply, the light floods your consciousness where the darkness of fear and limitation once resided.

Evolution is about constantly moving to the next level, constantly moving beyond the inner barriers that prevent us achieving the massive potential that lies within us. As clarity and perception emerge you begin to ascend, your vibration rises and you are able to perceive life from a loftier perspective. You glimpse the ‘bigger picture’ as you begin to see through the illusion that holds you prisoner.